Why do we refer to BLTS as the Leader’s Operating System?

BLT is an organization and talent development system that is:

– Integrated and applied knowledge, proven methods, and practices leading to individual/cultural transformation.

– Focused on enhancing human performance and growth through positive mental conditioning.

– Results-focused, values, and principles are driven by your strategic framework.


Beyond Leadership to Transformation

is a comprehensive system that transforms both your organizational results as well as individual and team performance both inside and outside the workplace.

Beyond Leadership to Transformation optimizes – often the most valuable organizational asset – its people.  An organization’s people are literally the heart and soul of what they do and how they ultimately perform.  Systems, processes, and automation are great, but people are behind their design and function and are also the source of innovation, adaptation, and, possibly most important – customer and other stakeholders’ experience and satisfaction with the brand.

Beyond Leadership to Transformation:
The Leader’s Operating System™
Coach and Consultant Certifications Guide


These certifications provided through the Quantum Performance Institute, LLC (QPI) enable you to develop your own coaching and consulting business, as well as  your existing set of unique capabilities to  enhance to your current business. QPI provides you with the most current methodologies, technologies, and professional support network to assure your success. We are here to assist you on your Success Journey and building your own Coaching/Consulting Business!


Our business model is prefaced by our Mission Statement and Core Values:

Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist you in defining and creating a Successful Coaching and Consulting Business, and through your success we derive our success.

Core Values – Integrity, Shared Purpose, Partnership, and Mutual Success

Given the above, we will work with you to define or enhance what Success Means to you as a business and assist you in building your business. BLT is a very adaptive System that allows for broad applications with both incremental and comprehensive implementation strategies.

Customize Certification Programs to your Requirements, Talents, and Experience


We know that each of you come to Coaching and Consulting as a vocation, practice, profession and business from varied backgrounds, life, and business experiences. Initially we work with you to discern jointly how to best design the certification process for you and your success. There is a flexible structure designed into the System to develop your own custom programs, and to support you throughout the development and certification process.


These Certification programs provide mastery of the Core Curriculum (Seven
Competency Development Modules) referred to as the SUCCESS PACK for
Organization and Talent Development, Leadership Development, Career Development and Life Coaching. Each of the Modules can be used individually or combined in any way as needed to customize a program to meet the specific needs of your clients. The content knowledge, methodologies, tools, and practices used in the ‘coaching process’ are contained in the following 7 Competency Development Modules and the application of our Mastermind Teams:


Why do we refer to BLTS as the Leader’s Operating System?

Through our certification process, as you coach and develop leaders in the four competency areas of- self direction, self-management, self-motivation, and relationship building, they will be able:

– to engage and perform more effectively in their role as leaders.

– be a role model for others.

– be co-creators of their enterprise’s present and future!

Through our curriculum, utilizing a structured development processes and your guidance, they acquire the mindset, skill sets, and tools to be successful in their businesses, careers, and personal lives.

What are our unique set of Capabilities?

The Beyond Leadership to Transformation System provides you with the most advanced integrated IP that is hosted and supported by virtual IT platforms. Our certifications provide you with the ‘know how’ to sell, deliver, and bring your clients to a level of self-sufficiency so you can expand and grow your business with the passive income you receive from your clients. You’ll even receive revenue as you certify those in your client practice, and/or organizations you consult and coach!

Having the abilities to enhance personal and professional performance, develop
leaders, and create a ‘healthy’ organization team-oriented culture, this is what BLTS Coach and Consultant Certifications provide you.

For a brief description of each Module please refer below to Core Curriculum. Additional tools, techniques, and resources are provided in the certification program gleaned from Dr. Bob’s thirty plus years as a career coach, executive coach, organization development consultant with Fortune 100 Companies, privately held companies, a family therapist, and non-profits. As an independent Coach/Consultant you have several options in employing the BLT System Certifications:

  • Independent BLTS Consultant – staff QPI projects on a contract basis

  • Coach/Consultant – contracting with your own clients

  • Owner/Partner – deploying the BLT System and sublicensing it into businesses/corporations

Core Curriculum

Executive and Leadership Team Introduction and Overview Module

Five lessons that explain and demonstrate.

-Why this System was created.
-How the System works.
-Describes and experientially deploys each component.
-Possibilities Checkup with leadership team or entire employee
population for baseline metrics.
-Drafting an implementation plan.

Positive Mental Conditioning
In Dr. Bob’s first book, Inspiration at Work, he provides the understanding
and practice in moving from a negative to a positive mindset that is essential
for any transformation. The actual practice of positive mental conditioning
is designed into each module by the language used, the science of mental
conditioning, and the exercises created for skill development and attitude
Modules 1-6

1. Revisiting What SUCCESS means to you and your Career/Business
Define your ‘Why’, your Core Values, learn the power of visualization. Gain a
better understanding of who you are and your abilities. Create a goal setting
framework and much more!

2. Your Strategic Framework
Develop your own strategic framework, clarifying your purpose and mission,
refining and operationalizing your core values. Provided with tools and
exercises like mind mapping and more…

3. Leadership – “Discovering and Applying the New Entrepreneurial Spirit Model
and Five Success Principles!”
Thinking about leadership in a new and exciting way that releases positive
energies and empowers every individual. Tools that enable you to clarify
roles, responsibilities, and expectations. Gives you 5 SUCCESS Principles
that can recreate your workplace and life into a high performing, creative and
positive culture.

4. The Power of Building Strong and Sustainable Relationships
Building relationships is a core competency to be successful in one’s career,
business, and in life. Identify your key relationships; assess your relationships
and establish action plans to sustain and make them even better! Acquire
and apply several tools for relationship building. Learn how to work on your
own self-esteem and confidence.

5. Creating a Positive Difference Building an Effective Performance Culture!
Tools and exercises to develop and reinforce leadership skills and abilities in
yourself including coaching and mentoring capabilities. Contains a structured
journaling process reinforcing learning from your Leadership and SUCCESS
Principles Module.

6. Taking Ownership of your Career!
Clarifies your role and the role of the organization you are part of regarding
your own career development. Provides a framework and process for career
development including tools and guidelines for their use. Enables you to
practice the use of Informational Interviews to gain knowledge of possible
career opportunities.

Why? for the BLT

Beyond Leadership to Transformation Curriculum:

What is the WHY for each of the BLT Modules?

What are ‘pain points’ addressed in each module?

What challenges or barriers are you or your enterprise experiencing?

Executive and Leadership- Introduction and Overview
“We need to grow our leadership capabilities across our organization.”
“We need to know what talent we have- What is their potential?
“We do not have a consistent process to assess and grow out talent.”
“Do you want a system that identifies your needs across the business and
provides customized solutions?”

“Do you want to start by assessing your current leadership and have them
co-create a development plan that they implement?”
“Do you want your metrics to be built into your development plan?”

Positive Mental Conditioning- (designed into all modules)
“I am driven and have difficulty taking my mind off my work. Can this help
me with more balance in my life?”
“Sometimes I get so angry that my temper gets in my way, can this program
“How do I manage my anxiety and negative thoughts?”
“Can I move from a negative to positive mindset and still improve my
“I am a perfectionist, it sometimes gets in the way of making timely
decisions, can this help?”
“Do you need to improve creativity, innovation, making better choices, and
taking action?”
“Need to improve collaboration, manage through conflict, and increase

Revisiting What SUCCESS means to you and your Career/Business
“Would you like to align every employee’s purpose, passion, goals with
your business’s?
“Would you like to know what motivates your employees so you can
communicate with them effectively?”
“Would you like to align your employee’s conviction and commitment to
the purpose and vision of your enterprise?”
“Would you like to improve your employee's positive mindset, energy,
effectiveness and productivity?”
“Would you like your employee to understand, apply a balanced goal
setting process that aligns with your enterprise?”
“We are in a hiring mode and want to be assured we have the right talent,
is this a good program for ‘Onboarding’?”

Your Strategic Framework

“Is everyone on the same page, same game plan for ongoing success?”
“Do you have integration and coordination issues between individuals and
“Does your enterprise have an updated Vision, Mission, Core Values, and
Strategic Goals?”
“Do your leaders know how and what to leverage it to improve
“Are your employees encouraged and have the ‘know how’ to align their
personal/professional strategic framework with the enterprise?”
“Are your metrics aligned operationally and strategically?”
“What if your leaders and employees were self-directed, self-managing,
self-motivated, and all aligned with your enterprise? Would this improve
“I am forming a new team and want them to all be clear on what to do and
why we formed them.”

Leadership- Discovering and Applying the New Entrepreneurial Spirit Model
and Five Success Principles!
“How do our leaders need to think and behave in these new times?”
“What skills do they need to compete?”
“How do I and my leadership team develop self-awareness individually and
“Are there a set of guiding principles that my leadership can learn that will
assure success?”
“How can we develop a ‘Leadership Culture’ throughout our enterprise?
“We need a customized leadership development implementation plan!”

The Power of Building Strong and Sustainable Relationships
“We need to clarify team members roles and expectations!”
“How do we build trust in our team and with critical stakeholders?”
“How do we need to develop effective relationships both inside and outside
our team?
“How do we build confidence, a sense of pride and ownership in our team
members?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                “How do we leverage the talents of each team member to increase performance?”

Creating a Difference – Building an Effective Performance Culture!
“Do you need a tool set that improves performance day in and day out?”
“How do we sustain our performance over time?”
“We need an ongoing conditioning program to keep your people focused
and performing?”

Taking Control of your own Career!
“We need a career development program that works!”
“What are the new roles and responsibilities for employers and
“We need a career development system that is manageable and works in
today’s business environment.”
“How do I take ownership of my career when I am not sure what my job

Career/Life Transition
“How do I discover and build a bridge from where I am to where I want to
“Are you in mid-later career and want to make the best decision for your
last move?”
“Are you transitioning out of corporate life and not ready to retire?”
“Are you ready to re-invent yourself?”

Core Competencies

The purpose of this seven-module program is to improve individual, team, and
organizational performance capabilities to be more effective and productive. Through
the application of this program, individuals, teams, and the organization will develop,
enhance, and foster the following competencies- attitudes, knowledge, and skills.

I Self-Direction: A way to achieve your Strategic Business Results

Attitude – to value the importance of both personal and business ‘strategic management
frameworks’, including the alignment of personal and business vision/missions, set
of values, and key result areas.

Knowledge – of what personal and business ‘strategic management frameworks’ are,
and their benefits.

Skills – how to create, utilize and continually enhance one’s own ‘strategic management

II A Self-management process

Attitude – to value the philosophy and personal discipline of self-management as a
‘process’ to achieve both long- and short-term goals.

Knowledge – what the concept of ‘self-management’ means and the tools and
techniques to implement the process.

Skills – how to create, utilize and continually enhance one’s own ‘self-management
process’ to achieve both long and short-term goals.

III Self-motivation

Attitude – to value the importance of a effective ‘goal
setting’ to self-motivation and the importance of ‘positive mental conditioning’.

Knowledge – what motivation is; its relationship to common purpose, values, and ‘goal
setting’; and overcoming potential obstacles to motivation.

Skills – how to use ‘goal setting’, and techniques of ‘positive mental conditioning’ to self-

IV Building Relationships

Attitude – to appreciate the importance of interpersonal relationship skills in one’s

Knowledge – what is required in building interpersonal relationships and linking these
relationships to your success and the success of others?

Skills – how to identify ‘key stakeholders’ to one’s success; how to build mutually
beneficial relationships.

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