Meet Dr. Bob Ruotolo & Ron Overstreet

Dr. Robert Ruotolo (Dr. Bob) is an educator, mentor, speaker, and author
who has been involved in Organization Development and Business
consulting for over 40 years.

 Ron Overstreet Director of Online Sale, and Marketing, and Certified BLTS Coach

About Dr.Bob

Focusing his attention on living with a sense of purpose and passion.
Dr. Bob has developed a transformative coaching system that
motivates, informs, and guides those seeking a better
understanding of personal/professional performance and wellbeing.

He is the founder of the Quantum Performance Institute whose
main mission is to facilitate the development of leadership abilities
of the workforce, at all levels, while creating a positive, corporate
culture empowering employees to be both productive and satisfied.

The experience gained through his corporate consulting and fifteen years spent in clinical family counseling has given Dr. Bob the understanding of what it takes to be successful and how to instill this knowledge in others.

About Ron

Ron has Sales, Marketing and Management experience with companies including IBM, General Electric, and Bosch.

He has 35 + years of successful history in growing individual or team sales by double digits every year. Ron has also been an Independent National Account Sales representative for the last 14 years overseeing products that he is selling into Home Depot, Home Depot Canada, Lowes,, Costco, Sam’s Club and many others. He has been a product and sales training manager and enjoys sharing the secrets of how you can become successful in today’s challenging business environments.

He has won many sales and marketing awards and stock options for being a top producer. He is now working to coach others on how they too can enjoy the successes he has enjoyed over the course of his career.

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